Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not quite our day

Two of our three selections traded odds on in running today, one at 1.04, but we've no winners to show for it.

We had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
4.00 Cheltenham Maljimar 1pt 11/2 Bet365/Paddy Power
4.15 Sedgefield Yes Mate 1pt 13/2 Bet365/VC
4.55 Sedgefield Authentic Act 1pt 6/1 VC/Boylesports

It was a good day for value with all three selections starting shorter than we had.

Maljimar was cruising in the cross country race today, but, as his way at Cheltenham, he didn't find enough when push came to shove. It appears the in-running layers were aware of his possible failings at the business end, with him only being backed down to 1.54 in running despite appearing to be a very likely winner. In the end he didn't even get placed, losing third on the line.

That was quite frustrating, but not as frustrating as Yes Mate's run at Sedgefield, who jumped the last four clear after going off at 9/2. He had the race at his mercy, trading at 1.04 in running, but then just ran out of steam and almost slow motion style we could only watch as he was beaten close to the line.

Then Authentic Act came along, who started at 4/1 after touching 3/1 for a time. Something surely amiss here though, as he was immediately detached, receiving reminders and ended tailed off.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP)

Maljimar, 4th/15, 11/2 --- 9/2
Yes Mate, 2nd/11, 13/2 --- 9/2
Authentic Act, 5th/6, 6/1 --- 4/1

It was interesting to look closely at the pre-race markets in the Festival handicaps, following our research into opening show - SP market moves, we'll post a seperate update looking at todays results.

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