Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Not yet

No immediate sign of a return to form for us just yet, but as long term members will know things can turn very quickly in this game.

For now, all we can reflect on is another three points lost from the last couple of days.

Let's start yesterday where we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)
6.05 Bev Back to Paris 1pt 5-1+ general, 6-1 Lads, Tote, Sky, 11-2 B365, Coral
7.25 Worces Mumbles Pier 1pt 7-1 general , 8-1 S James, 15-2 Betfred, Tote

Back To paris was supported nicely into 4/1 before rearing in the stalls and getting withdrawn before the off.

Mumbles Pier went on an almighty drift and ran an absolute stinker, pulling up a long way from home.

Today we had:

TIME COURSE SELECTION 1pt/2pt win Bookmaker(s) / Price(s)

3.45 Good Four Nations 1pt 6-1 general
6.55 Sand Black Minstrel 1pt 5-1 general, 11-2 Lads (BOG) S James

These were better efforts but again we missed the target.

While we were still taking in Frankel's breathtaking performance, we watched Four Nations put in a spirited display and was always there or thereabouts but couldn't quite quicken as we needed him to, and he finished a battling fourth, after starting a well supported 9/2.

Black Minstrel drifted pre race, starting at 8/1 but ran well for a long time before fading out of things.

Confirmation of results with prices (advised --- SP):

Tuesday 26th July 2011

Back To Paris, NR
Mumbles Pier, PU/8, 7/1 --- 16/1

Wednesday 27th July 2011

Four Nations, 4th/11, 6/1 --- 4/1
Black Minstrel, 6th/10, 11/2 --- 8/1

Let's hope for better tomorrow, it feels like we're due a turn soon.

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